European festivals are often hyped for being extravagant and scream fun in every language but have you ever wondered what it would feel like to spectate a polo match on the highest polo ground of the world? Well, you can do that by booking your ticket to Shandur from 7 to 9 July to witness the best sports game there ever will be (please stay calm before you jump out from your seats naming the World Cups and El Classico)

This 3-day event is one of the biggest events in Pakistan, taking place on ‘the roof of the world’, at an altitude of 3700 meters. Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, and into the snow-capped mountains, lavish green grounds and crisp air of Shandur valley, it is an experience of a lifetime!

This traditional polo match is awaited with great excitement locally and internationally every year. A great number of tourists travel long distances to experience this escapade which is organized by the Tourism Corporation of khyber pukhtoon khwa.

Here are some convincing points from my side as to why you should attend this festival at least once:

1.Every Game Is An Intense One

The Shandur festival has been taking place since 1936 annually. The initiation of Polo in Shandur was by the British occupiers who constructed the ground.

However, besides all the history, it is a freestyle match, meaning there are no specified rules! There are no umpires and there are no holds barred. There are six players on each side coming from every corner of Pakistan (if lucky then international too) and the game lasts for an hour.

2.Breathtaking locality:

This event is highly exotic since it’s not only on the highest polo ground of the world, but the picturesque locality and culturally enriched experience is what will definitely send an adrenaline rush in your bloodstream!

3.Exploring new sites:

Pakistan has a lot to offer, if only we give it a fair chance. Attending this festival means that you are going to be in the so-called Switzerland of South Asia that offers a wide range of activities including trout fishing, paragliding, horse riding, trekking, traditional dances, folk music and more. Moreover, once you’re in the mountainous range, every corner of the North is also very much Instagrammable!

4.Top holiday destination 2020:

British Backpackers Society (BBS) recently declared Pakistan as the world’s third-highest potential adventure destination for 2020. And if that doesn’t excite you much then United States-based luxury and lifestyle publication Conde Nast Traveler has also nominated Pakistan as the top holiday destination for travelers for the year 2020.

5.Embracing diversity:

Local artists get a chance to display their artwork in various stalls. And apart from that you also get to see the truly beautiful women of Pakistan – the one living in Kailash valley. The lively customs and traditions of the locals is a sight for sore eyes! Oh and don’t forget to dress up in their iconic outfits for a picture!  

6.    Pocket friendly:

For international travelers, a trip to Pakistan is extremely easy on the pocket too. A night’s stay in an upscale hotel will cost not more than $50, whereas a good Pakistani meal at the best locations is also anywhere around $10 per person.

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