Before we introduce this speedster to you, it was a sunny day in Newlands, Capetown and Pakistan was supposed to beat the once upon a time invader of the subcontinent Goray “England”.

All the Muslim eyes were glued to the TV and then came Shoaib Akhtar -The man who already had a reputation of balling at the speed of a bullet. Nobody knows what was going through his mind but we know that Shoaib for sure wanted to take revenge for all the brutality with which the Goras had overthrown the Muslim power in the subcontinent and condemned them to slavery for a major time period.

161.3km/h and the world’s fastest baller had arrived! No one has ever been able to break his record ever since!

Be it Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara or any great cricketer of all time, everyone had one thing in common; when they saw Shoaib at the opposite side of the pitch, they all used to shiver with the fear of facing a thunderous ball.

You may have watched him on Youtube these days calling himself a tiger numerous times but the truth is that he really acted upon the self-given label on the field as well. He used to mess up with all of the best batsmen intentionally on the field and then win either by taking their wicket or in worst-case scenarios by hitting them hard in the groin and breaking their fingers condemning them to a lifetime of disability! (I wonder if the objective of most batsmen on the field was to save their balls)

All this fearlessness and success didn’t come with ease for Shoaib. He couldn’t walk till the age of 6 and once he did he tried to gain his muscles by throwing rocks. He came from a lower-middle-class background and had absolutely no money to even go for practice in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium back in the days when he only dreamt to be a star bowler.

There was also a time when Akhtar wanted to give his first trial in Lahore and to make it possible without any money, he hopped onto a bus along with his friend and dodged the conductor throughout the journey only to find out that they had no place to stay as well upon reaching Lahore. Shoaib managed to convince a Tanga Wala to let them stay at his place and in return he would set up his finances after becoming a star bowler.

His words became so true only because he had the will to make the impossible possible. When he later became the star in Pakistan’s cricket team, he went out of his way to find the same Tanga Wala and even had lunch with him. Indeed, his such acts make him a star who till date stands larger than life. And this was the start of his journey of giving back to the world in the form of charity.

When Shoaib became a part of the national team in 1997, he then, unfortunately, had to bear the pain in his knees throughout his cricketing journey. Injections became his only hope and he used to get one dose of it every morning before coming to bowl. But he never lost hope!

With all the struggles, there is one thing for sure that Shoaib Akhtar has also cracked the secret of being the fastest in every walk of life. These days, off the field, the man has also become the fastest Youtuber to receive one million subscribers in just 28 days. Here he made the fastest factor possible by speaking his heart out, sharing his experience for teams and players around the world and with entertaining content that always goes according to his Tiger-style personality.

Whatever Shoaib aims for, whether it is about impressing girls with his naughty nature off the field, becoming the coach of any team, becoming the highest-paid player in any league or getting the best PR Possible; he’s quick everywhere!

We wish him loads of success for his future endeavors.

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