Financial stability before marriage; if Muslim women were to talk about this idea a few years ago or let’s just say two decades even, then she going out to empower herself was like going at a war.

Majority of Muslim cultures around the world have always expected the man to be the sole breadwinner and the wife is usually looked upon as being the one who is associated with the domestic domain of life – where looking after the house and taking care of the kids are some of her top most priorities that have to be fulfilled. But, fortunately, is changing drastically and for the better.

With advancing times and rapidly modernizing lifestyles, the previously set gender roles are not only changing but also evolving with every passing second. And that is exactly what is happening in the Muslim world too where even in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, Muslim women are stepping up for their social rights and powering through various domains outside the four walls of their homes to succeed in every way possible.

While for many this might just look like an act of fulfilling one’s own desire of having a stable career, the influx of working women in various industries around the world has also turned out to be more of a necessity with the everyday rising economic inflation and the need of fulfilling their lifestyle choices independently.

Not only that, current testing times of the pandemic where job security has led to being nothing but an uncertain situation, working women provide a level of emotional as well as monetary support to the families that are now in need more than ever.

And while working might help with the issues mentioned above, it surely is creating some major trend changes towards youngsters becoming financially stable and self sufficient before finding a suitable match to settle down with; a match that would let them be their equals rather than dependents.

According to Shellie Warren, a renowned life coach, the second greatest reason of strained marriages even in modern and developed countries is the disparity in income and hence money problems. With the traditional set up of marriage where only the husband earns for all the members and needs of the household, it can be very difficult to provide sufficiently especially in times where economic conditions fluctuate for the worse more than they should.

Hence, the practice of Muslim women stepping in the professional world in order to earn side by side with the husband not only allows them to put years of education to use, but also helps them to provide additional funds for the family, creating an equal hierarchy between the couple where both work together in all walks of life to provide a stable and secure future for themselves. Moreover, this delay in the social clock from both genders now allows men and women to focus on themselves in order to grow individually and independently with set goals and priorities before sharing their life with someone else.

Now that sounds like a fulfilling marriage where effort and growth come from not only one, but both members of the relationship; no matter what anyone says. After all, a happy future has to come from two happy people who work together for it.

And dear boys (especially!) while you have been here to read such an important note on Muslim women choosing to live the way they want, here is an honest open letter from a guy that you might find interesting and relevant for when you meet someone way out of your league.

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Muslim Women

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Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

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