Dear Brides, do you secretly wish to beat all the trends and become a trend setter yourself on the wedding day? Well, this bride took the similar wish to a whole new level by wearing a gold-make face mask right worth $10,000 on her wedding day during the pandemic.

Yes, you have heard the term right “gold embellished bridal face masks” – all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic!

While wearing face masks became mandatory in all public gatherings, some women had always sided ways with the opinion that the piece of cloth comes off as an hindrance in their fashion statements and when it came to the matter of wearing them on wedding days, the answer was a big NO!

But as the famous saying goes, when there is a will, there is a way. This bride found a solution to both the problems and now because of her, there is now a popular demand of face masks donned with designs made from gold as that is what every bride wants to wear on the wedding day in the country.

Here is the final look of the Turkish Brides With Gold-Made Face Masks

Turkish Bride

The craft-makers of this lavish trend belongs to Kahramanmaraş, a south-eastern province of the country where bedazzling surgical masks are made in either 14-carat or 22-carat gold designs which complete the look of the bride to perfection for wedding under the pandemic. Not to forget, these personalized masks surely get their money’s worth too, easily costing between $1000 to $10,000!

Moreover, this addition also sits well with the intricately and beautifully crafted gold jewelry that is gifted to the Turkish brides from family and friends in time for the joyous occasion.

It is definitely ‘safe’ to say that despite the ongoing pandemic in the world, Turkish brides are surely making the most of it and enjoying their special day in whatever way possible; with as much bling as they can! And we do not blame them even one bit because weddings without happiness and bling just will not do.

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Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

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