Running out of Toilet paper? This is a question that circles around the minds of people living in America and Europe not just in quarantine but also during normal days. We have seen food disappear from shelves at grocery stores but toilet paper flying off shelves in thin air was something least expected. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) introduced the west to a new problem which is called “Toilet Paper Shortage”

This comes to the subtle fact that Toilet papers were just as important as food on the table and why? Because wiping is necessary, but how come people in the West never thought of adopting an option that was much cost-effective hygienic and the mantra of eternal peace for Muslims for so many years?

The idea of a toilet paper may have evolved from the homo sapien times where they might’ve used leaves to wipe themselves off because who would want to stink or be called an unhygienic ape if the word had any importance back then. Anyways the truth is sometimes even the most developed countries don’t move towards better options available because they are too comfortable in their own space.

It took a whole episode of Covid-19 Pandemic to take place and make people realize that there are other hygienic and cheaper options available!

Toilet Paper Shortage

Toilet Papers

Learn from the Muslims!

It all started when amid the crazy frenzy of the coronavirus a 28-year-old chicagoan Xack Brame posted a picture of his new Bidet “Muslim Shower” on twitter where he stated “Y’all imbeciles: buying toilet paper in bulk” he joked “Us intellectuals: bought a bidet”

 He said not only did it save a lot of space in the closet it was much affordable and a one-time investment. He also said his friends were considering moving towards it. 

Muslims in America and Europe have already been using bidet “Muslim Showers” or watering cans which you usually see in gardens used for watering plants. You will often find a watering can in their bathrooms.

When we talk about islam and logic lets consider one question “You wash your hands after cleaning your shit but you dont wash your ass which shits two times a day atleast?” How does that make sense with regard to hygeine? 

Also consider that your shit mostly smells bad due to bad eating habits and if some portion of it is left uncleaned you will probably smell bad. So here’s to all those perfumes you wear which have to work hard to overtake that smell!

So a much better, cleaner and hygienic option is using a Bidet (Muslim Shower) to clean yourself. Not only is it a one time investment given you have running water available at home but it also is a much cleaner option. It will save you of all the trips to the supermarket to buy toilet paper and you also won’t have to check the toilet roll before going to the washroom to see if it’s finished or you need more. 

If you’re a Bidet seller you can celebrate your booming business in advance cause the world is coming for your stock!

Muslims Having Fun

Toilet Paper

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Hania Rehman

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