“A camera, a social media channel and you yourself, this is all that you need to become the best vlogger out there”. Partly true, partly not.

A lot more goes into being the best when it comes to the world of vlogging. It not only gives us a chance to see life from someone else’s perspective, but also creates a platform for people to be creative, adventurous as well as effective. And recently, many Muslim influencers have stepped in this industry, making content that not only looks amazing to the eye, but also helps to portray the Muslim society as it is: edgy, fun filled and outstandingly creative!

Khalid Al Ameri

Take Khalid Al Ameri for example, who along with his wife Salama Mohamed, portrays a common Muslim Emirati’s life in a way that makes everyone stick to their screens in awe. His humorous take on life in the UAE, marriage and family makes it all much more easier and fun to relate to. Not only that, his vlogs also focus on spreading messages of peace, acceptance and love; things that are much needed in today’s society along with a mind catching depiction of the wonderful and enthusiastic Muslim culture in the UAE as well as all the places he travels to.

Haifa Beseisso

Talking about culture and travel, there is one Palestinian name that always pops up: Haifa Beseisso, the travel enthusiast who, through her travel vlogs, paints a colourful and vibrant image of veiled Muslim female travellers in an attempt to eliminate the negative stereotypes that are generally associated with them. Moreover, her vlogs also do their part part in erasing existing cultural differences between the West and the East in order to bridge gaps that have been there for centuries to let people know that even while being apart, we are all the same.

Taimoor Salahuddin

And such a vlogger also resides in Pakistan: Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, a Pakistani content creator who puts forth his own creative take on life, integrating travel, comedy and music to create art that sets him apart from all other vloggers. Not to mention his artistic portrayal of the Pakistani life for the world to see which includes his experiences of visiting breathtaking places of Pakistan to documenting his own wedding in the most entertaining of ways; surely making him someone to not miss out on.

So, who said vlogging just requires a camera, a social media channel and you yourself?

In reality a lot goes into it, but the thing that matters the most is “what” one decides to put into it. Because it is not just about holding a camera to make a few jokes or film your journey through a bus ride, it is much more than that.

It is creativity.

It is passion.

It is art.

It is the ability to touch someone’s heart and soul in just a few minutes. To speak your mind and paint your thoughts in a way that would change the world.

And that alone is something quite powerful. 

Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

Is a budding Psychologist for whom writing has always been a way of expressing herself, allowing her to rekindle in people the quality of questioning all that happens around them; aiming to let her thoughts spill out in the open so the world can read about what really matters. What really makes a difference. What really is worth it.

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