“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.” Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

The importance of charity is apparent from the fact that it is the third pillar of Islam. Being charitable and supporting others financially and emotionally is one of the fundamental characteristics of a good Muslim.

Charity is not only beneficial for the giver but it also uplifts and strengthens the community as a whole. Charity eliminates the sins of Muslims in the eyes of Allah and it feeds hungry mouths.

Different forms of charity are identified by Islam; the two primary ones being Zakat and Sadaqa. But the modern Islamic heroes that we are going to present to you today give charity across the borders without considering any ethnic, religious, racial or gender barrier. They serve to not only make their judgment day better but with the intention to only help people live a better life.

Moreover, the causes we are about to mention that these Muslims are a part of will also make you wish to donate!

Shahrukh Khan

When it comes to charity, can you imagine that the world’s biggest movie star Shahrukh Khan is also the biggest charity giver? And wait till you know the causes that he supports!

Starting from the Meer Foundation which the King of Bollywood and heroine-charmer founded back in 2013 – the organization aims at giving new life to acid attack victims and making them feel good about themselves again with a better livelihood.

Shahrukh is also known for adopting 12 villages around India and he also works closely with ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ to help fulfill the dreams of the underprivileged children of India.

And to top it off, SRK does all the charity work secretly! He is also the only Indian to receive the UNESCO Award for his unfathomable charity work!

Imran Khan


If there is someone in the world who makes the impossible happen with ease, then that has to be Imran Khan! The man had seen the pain his mother had been through while suffering from cancer and that is when he decided that he will build a cancer hospital in Pakistan.

The most amazing thing is that he called on to Muslims and especially Pakistanis to donate for the cause. Today the country has one under construction and two completely functioning cancer hospitals where the under-privileged fight the battle all of life without any cost. Kudos to Muslims all around the world to make that happen!

Besides that when the hospital alone was not enough, the superhero-sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan also gave the country Namal University. A research-based world-class university for the students who couldn’t afford even decent education.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Can you imagine a person who has spent every moment of his life trying to help people in every way possible? Yes, the same man ended up giving birth to Edhi Foundation!

He fathered all those children whose parents left them to die in garbage cans due to poverty or due to the fear of having to raise an illegitimate child under the shelter of Edhi Foundation. Edhi inserted cribs in places where people would dump their infants and take them home to raise them as his own. These kids were given food and clothing and a proper education so that one day they could support themselves. Besides that Edhi also runs the largest ambulance network in the country.

Mohammad Ali

The man who endured hard punches during his career and fought bravely in the boxing ring, only to give a bright future to the children of ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ that became his responsibility.

He was titled as the Peace Ambassador for UN because he has worked really hard on diminishing religious discrimination in developing countries and has become an inspiration for many around the world.

“Rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams — they all have different names, but they all contain water. So religions all have different names, but they all contain the same truths,”

If all of the above personalities are not convincing enough then according to the Times magazine Muslims, in general, give the highest charity all around Britain with more than £100million donated to feed the poor.

For Muslims, the belief regarding charity is simple; the more you give the more you earn in this world and hereafter.

Charity Work

Muslims Having Fun

Saman Iqbal
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