I remember my mom telling me that Turkish People are the most beautiful people among the Muslim population when she came back from hajj.

Turkish People

Upon reaching adulthood, I asked her the reason behind such an opinion, after knowing that she hardly ever finds someone pretty except for herself, and she replied

“During the pilgrimage, I saw chunks of Muslims from all over the world but the people of Turkey had something in them; especially their beautiful bone structures, dreamy deep blue/green or honey-colored eyes and to top everything off, their hair colors used to make me jealous!”

Though you still wouldn’t want to generalize beauty and Turkish people but here’s the thing;

When the name Turkey springs up, the first three things that you hear are

  • beautiful landscapes
  • Rich culture
  • And last but not the least a buffet of good-looking men and women

In this article, we are going to pick up the last point because… why not?

Generally, Europeans and Asians can be identified with their own facial features. However, in Turkey, you feel like there is a baklava of its own kind. You’ll find mixed skin colors, heights and many physical attributes in Turkish people which makes them so attractive in the region.

As all that glitters is not Gold, there’s a dark history behind this breathtaking genetic pool that makes us fall in love with the Turkish people in one go.

How The Lust And Extravagance Of The Turkish culture & Sultans contributed to the beautiful population we see today?

As kids, we loved listening to stories of kings and queens, however, in reality, the Turkish culture would disappoint you if you think there was always one queen close to the king’s heart.

Turkish People

The Turkish Harem

This is the place where all the fun used to start. The well of lust where almost every Turkish Sultan was expected to dwell and drown.

The female administrators who were insensitive to the barbaric act of kidnapping women used beautiful girls as tools of seduction to keep the Sultan busy and out of the matters of the Harem. To please the Sultans women of promising beauty were kidnapped from different parts of the world.

In the game of power, the Harem became a place for the most beautiful women capable of painting, dancing and taught to master the art of seduction and producing babies at a quick pace.

The Turkish sultans, on the other hand, took the situation to their advantage as they were always under pressure of having ample offspring to run the empire, in case, an epidemic hit the country or the king died at war. Therefore, they’d sleep with as many women as they pleased.

Usually, the lives of Sultans were wasted in the battle of settling the throne for their sons, but this cycle of collecting beautiful women in one palace turned turkey into a haven of beautiful men and women as a result of beautiful offsprings. This was one of the most important reasons for the beautiful genes of Turkish People especially Turkish royalty.

Kill Your Brothers The Moment You Sit On The Throne

If you’re a game of thrones fan, wait till you find out about the Turkish People traditions. There was an unannounced rule in the kingdom that as soon as the new king was crowned, he had to order the hanging of his brothers so that there were no challengers left to overthrow the king.

The fear of not having any more candidates left for the throne in case the present king died, the sultans would produce as many offsprings as possible to prevent the throne from falling into the hands of another royal family.

In an attempt to please the Sultan the ministers and members of the royal family would go to the lengths of hiring smugglers to get the most beautiful girls from Russia and Europe to present to the Sultan. Once the Sultans were done making their pick, the remaining beautiful women were either enslaved or sold to the minsters and the Turkish elite. This is how these beautiful genes got mixed among the people of turkey.

Turkish People

Turkish People Had The Privilege Of Welcoming Visitors From All Around The World

The bargain of the most stunning beauties from around the world didn’t stop there. Turkey was the hub of trade in the Islamic world – linked by land and sea to different countries, therefore merchants, from different parts of the world and especially Europe came to do business and witness the glory of the Ottoman Empire.

Some of them got so impressed back in those days that they decided to stay in Turkey and marry, while some of them also married their daughters to the Turkish men.

Besides the merchants, there were men coming into Turkey to be a part of the Turkish army, serve the Sultan or simply to get education from the well-known scholars of the Islamic world.

In all this phase, some women were lucky enough to find love and marry, whereas many also had to bear the after-effects of casual hookups in the form of pregnancy. But none of the women lost their courage. They stood up for themselves, their dignity and children, only to give birth to the Turkish People that we see today.

Turkish People

Some of the most well known female figures that have been a part of this dark Turkish history include Hurem Sultan and Kosem Sultan, who was kidnapped and brought to the Harem to please the Sultans of their times.

So among the many wonders that the sultanate of Usmania has under its name; the credit of increasing the aesthetics of their land with regard to beautiful people goes to them!

Turkish People

People of Turkey

Turkish People

People of Turkey

Muslims Having Fun

Hania Rehman
Hania Rehman

Kicked my mom in the belly to make her talk to me before I was born that’s how much I love talking. Other than that I had a dream and you’re looking at it right now!

  1. That’s the most idiotic , prejudiced article I have ever read on the internet.Just look at our DNA test.We’re mixture of native Anatolians and Turks genetically.Because there’re so many civilizations lived in today’s Turkey.(not just Greeks or Armenians) Because Anatolia is crossroad.Being muslim and ethnicity are different issues.You’re trying to portrait muslims as a monster.But westerners were more cruel in the history.Just show me one nation in the world whom lived under the occupation for 500 years and still speak their own language,protect their culture?Real Turks are also very beautiful people.Today’s Russians and Ukrainians are mix of Turks and Slavs.Turks can be blonde and colourful eyed.Hungarian rulers were Turk also.Just search “Kipchak Turks”

    1. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but the article only mentions facts. We never claimed the turks to be cruel people, we are just stating how the turkish genes developed into a plthora of beauty. Also, there is no running away from History whether its good or bad.

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