You have seen her in the avatar and some of you might have even have imagined her in your dreams. But there is something more special that Mia Khalifa is ready to offer and that is her iconic glasses. 

Mia Khalifa

In one of her Snapchat stories, the former adult star announced that she will be putting the glasses, which were a part of all the memorable scenes during her pornography career, on auction and the money raised will go straight to the organizations that are currently doing their best to help the Lebanese in need after the Beirut Explosion. 

In case you don’t know Mia Khalifa was born and partly brought up in Lebanon before she moved to the US with her family and became a star that she is today. Despite getting all the hate from her land, Mia has always spoken up for the rights of Lebanese and this time she is making the right use of her influence by also enlightening people about all kinds of crisis that have dominated Lebanon over the years. 

Continuing with her determination post the blast, Mia khalifa not only took on the Lebanese government in her Snap stories once again but this time she wants to help her people as much as possible and auctioning her glasses is indeed a way that we are absolutely loving! 

You can place your bid for the infamous glasses on eBay by clicking here and it is expected that the glasses might even be sold in millions. However, as the offer will end in five days therefore you have a short time to make the decision. 

Mia Khalifa is ready to offer and that is her iconic glasses.

If you were to ask us then this is indeed a charity that will give you a lot in return as well – from the fun part to gaining sawaab. Hence, maybe that is also the reason why we want a Muslim to win this bid! 

Furthermore, in the similar series of Stories, Mia Khalifa spilled beans on the conspiracy regarding why 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stored in the warehouse and according to her, the authoritarians were waiting for the highest bid before they could shift it safely. The government always knew that a potential blast could occur because of their carelessness. 


After Beirut Explosion

On this day, every single Lebanese is furious whether they are living abroad or in the country. They are helpless which is also the reason why the world has stood up to give them the shoulder they need. 

So, all of you naughty Muslim porn freaks who are rich, time to try your luck and do a good deed! 

The ones who don’t even know about Mia Khalifa or the significance of these glasses, you can donate your money to the Lebanese Red Cross or campaigns that are operated by the local & international NGOs.

Muslims Having Fun

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