While it is common for us to see people going crazy in ColdPlay, Eminem and Maroon 5 concerts there is a new duet in town which is literally making girls go crazy with their live concerts, soul energizing music and of course good looks. Rauf & Faik are a treat to hear for the East and West coming from the land of history, dance culture, and extreme weather; Russia!

We are talking about  Rauf & Faik, a pair from Azerbaijanian descent currently residing in Russia. At the age of 20, the duet is creating a surge of sensational music which is making people chant their tunes day and night. And there’s a strong reason for them being this good at creating music. They come from a family of musicians.

The twins give credit to their maternal grandfather who was an opera singer and a director at the opera house. The talent flows in the gene pool they say. The kind of music these twins make is different in tune and beats.

The fascinating thing about their music is the blend of voices.. The way they synchronize their voices to match the rhythm is the real deal! Also in most songs, they mix music and lyrics with different humming tunes which makes their work very unique and enjoyable. Here’s an Instagram video of them singing one of their viral songs (which you may have heard in any cafe around you but didn’t understand a word)

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Rauf & Faik studied music since the age of 4 and played piano at the age of 8 these guys are not new to the world of music. They also worked as singers in a cafe before they pitched off their career in music.

Their song  “I Love You” from their debut album with the same name was released in 2018 and became the 28th most popular song on a Russian social networking site called VKontakte.

Although there are several songs in their name and some of them have really upbeat tunes the song that led them to the height of their career is “Childhood” which was released in their latest album. The beat of the song is creating a stir among the lovers of music. 

Rauf & Faik Songs

The song has spread its fame in the Middle Eastern, European and Asian countries as well. Youtube has various videos of people from Russia, Lebanon, Bulgaria and Turkey trying to sing the song in their own way. 

There are also videos of the song being played as background music in many tik tok videos and it has become a personal favorite in Pakistani Cafes as well. Although an english version is available,people still love listening to it in Russian because of the extraordinary tune and beat.

Rauf & Faik face of Generation Z Music!

After having performed in live concerts in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Azerbaijan and over 20 cities of Russia I tell you these guys are the face of Generation Z Music!

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