Shahrukh Khan Yes, you read it right in the title. We are talking about King Khan – the man who has wooed millions of women across the globe with his romantic gestures on the silver screen for over two decades now. The world calls him the best romantic hero of all time.

However, would you believe if we were to tell you that Shahrukh Khan is too shy in real life to approach a girl even for a date? 

Shahrukh Khan

Well, during the promotions of Jab Harry Met Sejal, director Imtiaz Ali shared an interesting incident in which SRK was put to test for casting his magical-romantic spell on a foreigner in Portugal. Knowing that not many were aware of Shahrukh’s stardom in that place, Imtiaz asked Shahrukh Khan.

“Sir, why don’t you approach that girl over there?”

They both basically wanted to impress Anushka with their act. 

“You won’t believe, he was so nervous that he just didn’t go for it! He instead told me to talk to the girl. Shahrukh Khan is a romantic hero who can do anything for the heroines in films. But over there, he got so nervous!” 

“It felt good seeing him like that. Even I was nervous but I forgot all about it when I saw King Khan’s nervousness.” Imtiaz added. 

Shahrukh Khan

Moreover, continuing about his interactions with SRK over the years, Imtiaz also shared that he never got the chance to meet Shahrukh Khan back in their theatre days and only heard about his talent from other people. 

“I had never met Shahrukh Khan then. He was our senior in theatre and we used to keep hearing about him that he was doing plays with Barry John. He had, by then, started working on ‘Circus’ and ‘Fauji’.

Imtiaz spilled beans on another inside joke when Prabhat Ranjan (novelist) once told him that Shahrukh is very handsome. Back then, that statement by the writer took Imtiaz by surprise as he kept wondering and even asked Ranjan “Do you seriously find him handsome?”

But later, it was Shahrukh Khan’s charisma and the way he groomed himself into one of the most prolific actors in Bollywood, which also made Imtiaz feel that the superstar is good-looking. 

Their first film together Jab Harry Met Sejal may have been a flop at the box office, but we would definitely like the duo to come up with one iconic love story that also has a millennial-ish touch of Imtiaz and the way SRK looks in the eyes of a woman with all intensity. 

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