Thousands of people. All chanting. Welcoming. Calling out just one name: Sami Yusuf, Islam’s Biggest Rockstar. Wait a second, Islam’s Biggest Rockstar? Did you read that right? Trust us, you did. You did read those two words in one single sentence. Actually, in one single title. A title for a person who has changed the way people see Islam in relation to music. A person who has filled the hearts of millions of people with his magical art, his beautiful voice and his soulful music. A person who is a hero for many in unimaginable ways. 

sami yusuf

Sami Yusuf, a 39-year-old Iranian-British Muslim singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, has continued to sway people with his unique and soul capturing blend of various styles of traditional music: Sufi, Mugham and Qwalli, that leaves every heart in a state of mesmerizing awe. Being someone who became fond of musical instruments from a young age, growing up with his innate love for religion made him combine his fondness with his beliefs to portray Islam to the evolving world in an amazingly melodious way. 

And after his first album, Al Mu’allim, gained popularity in the musical world of Islam, there has been no going back. With over 34 million copies of his work being sold already, Yusuf continues to perform all over the world where he gets nothing but appreciation and love from the people who come to listen to him. See him perform his art in the mightiest of ways. Hear him create magic with his voice and hands. Celebrate him as someone who brings forward ‘his love for God and of the great traditions’. 

Sami Yusuf – Hasbi Rabbi

But then again, how is music used so perfectly to tell people about something that is so very sacred? How is music used to talk about religion? Talk about God? The answer is simple, music as a form of expression: to express one’s devotion to The Almighty and His Prophet. To confess one’s love for Islam. To give voice to one’s art of emotion, spirituality and melody. 

To create. To declare. To express. 

That is all that it is. And this expression became the identity of all for whom living in this world as a Muslim was nothing but a struggle. It allowed them to connect with society. Connect with religion. Connect with themselves. Allowed them to find the true meaning of what it is to be devoted to your Creator, to be fulfilled in a way that no other worldly possession is needed, to be content with your image in the world in a time where living as a Muslim was hard, tough and difficult.  

Sami Yusuf’s music is hence a beautiful way to spread the true essence of religion as it is, soothing to the body, mind and soul. His work, “Spiritique” as he calls it, is surely a new era for spiritual music that not only explains the meaning of one’s connection with God, but also makes one fall in love with the beauty of it. 

With the perfection of it. 

With the existence of it. 

Muslims Having Fun

Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

Is a budding Psychologist for whom writing has always been a way of expressing herself, allowing her to rekindle in people the quality of questioning all that happens around them; aiming to let her thoughts spill out in the open so the world can read about what really matters. What really makes a difference. What really is worth it.

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