While the world is busy in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Iran has chosen to give a new surprise to its people by opening the country’s first drive-in theatre outside the Milad Tower, Tehran. 

The main inspiration behind this bold initiative has been the director of the year 2020’s most anticipated local release film “Exodus”, Ebrahim Hatamikia.

Cinemas in Iran had to be shut down due to the sudden rise in coronavirus patients all around the country and this did make Ebrahim worried about the delay in the theatrical release of his new film. Hence, in order to clear out the hurdles, the filmmaker decided to collaborate with Owj Arts and Media Organization, the producer of the movie, and the Iranian film company Nurtaban to move towards a new experience for the film, which would definitely be loved by people who are locked up inside their houses for so many days now in the name of “quarantine”. 

Drive-In Theatre and That too in Iran

The idea of drive-in theatre and that too in Iran seems pretty awkward considering how the country has always been so strict about the smallest of things post the Islamic revolution. 

drive-in theatre

According to some reports, the theatre operators have openly said that any unmarried couple can also come and enjoy this unique movie experience which stands entirely opposite to how the sharia law prohibits the dating culture. In fact, the police are always out at night in the country to catch any man and woman having a good time inside a car.  

Thus, the debate has also sparked up that this drive-in theatre idea is against the Islamic law. However, the cinema tickets have already been on sale since last Thursday and it is expected that the movie will remain on screen for one week in the parking area of Milad Tower. 

The plot of Exodus revolves around a group of cotton farmers who decide to stand up for their right after their land, crops, and lives get destroyed by one mistake of a company that the government owns. Upon not getting any response from the authorities, the protagonist farmers hop onto a journey to Tehran on their tractors to meet the president and submit their complaint. 

The film had its first premiere at the 38th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran in February.  

There is no doubt in the fact that the Iranian film industry has been able to clearly dominate in the Foreign Film category with many Oscars lately. But the country definitely needs a cultural paradigm in order for the films to grow locally and this move of drive-in theatre might just turn out to be what people against the Islamic sharia laws exactly need!

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