We know it’s awkward… in fact very awkward! But this is what makers of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe winner show – Ramy are bringing up for the second season.

What is the reason behind Mia Khalifa’s appearance in the franchise? Well, that has been kept as a surprise for now since the trailer only showed one glimpse of the legendary reel-life “superwoman” but we are sure her debut seems very promising!

Ramy Season 2 Trailer

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to watch Ramy as of yet, the show revolves around the life of protagonist Ramy Hassan who is born and brought up in a strict Muslim family in America but has always struggled to find his connection with Allah and the preachings of Islam. 

Eventually, with the passage of time, he gets stuck between the two extreme sides; the Muslim community in New Jersey that thinks life is just a moral test and his fellow millennials who think there is no such concept as “after-life”. Furthermore, to be even more precise, he regularly prays on Fridays but with improper wuzu (mostly due to his parents’ orders), loves to attend parties on the weekend, and is into sex more than marriage because for him the hormonal desires and dating needs come first. 

However, things don’t stop there. Fortunately, a sudden quest arises in him to know the real purpose of his existence and he hops onto a journey that is actually going to be continued in season 2 with Mia Khalifa now being part of it as well. 


Ramy is still confused between how to stop using the weapon that he is blessed with in between his legs and instead focus on using his brain more to understand life. So, looking at the kind of discussions he is having with the academy award winner Mahershala Ali – who is playing the role of a religious scholar, and the kind of desires that Ramy is openly expressing in the trailer, it seems like that Mia Khalifa has agreed to play a very fascinating role.

Nevertheless, we are loving Mia Khalifa’s inclusion in one of our favorite shows as nearly all of the Muslim men have dreamed about the adult sensation at least for once in their lifetime. And watching her grow into a Hollywood actress would indeed be an exciting experience!

Ramy’s Season 2 will release on May 29th

Ramy Season 2

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