To one of the most versatile and finest actors, Bollywood has ever produced, Irrfan Khan always made every character feel so true to life that whenever he came on screen, the audience had their eyes glued on him. 

If we were to explain his charisma on the silver screen then definitely no award can be enough to justify the kind of acting skills he had. He never prefered to be the commercial or conventional hero, instead, he had his focus set on making films for people that should serve as life lessons. 

Hence, carrying forward his legacy and aim, we are bringing you some of Irrfan Khan best dialogues that you need to learn by heart in order to live a life that will not only be satisfying but the one that matters.

1. Life In A Metro

Yeh shehar humein jitna deta hai, badlay mein kahin zyada hum se le leta hai

Translation: Whatever this city gives us … in return it takes much more from us

2. Jazbaa

Rishton mein bharosa aur mobile pe network na hou toh laug game khelnay lagtay hain

Translation: If there is no trust in between relationships and no network on a mobile then people start playing games

3. Gunday

Pistol ki goli aur laundiya ki boli jab chalti hai… toh jaan dono mein he khatre mein hoti hai

Translation: When bullets from a gun or words from a girl fire … then there is a danger for life in both

4. Life of Pi

Doubt is useful. It keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested.

5. Angrezi Medium

Aadmi ka sapna jab toot jata hai na, toh aadmi khatam hou jata hai

Translation: When a person’s dream breaks, then the person breaks down as well

6. D-Day

Sirf Insaan ghalat nahi hotay, kabhi waqt bhi ghalat hota hai

Translation: Only humans cannot be wrong … sometimes the time can be wrong as well

7. Chocolate

Shaitaan ki sab se bari chaal yeh hai k woh samnay nahi aata

Translation: The biggest move of a devil is that he never comes in the front

8. Piku

Death aur shit … yeh do cheezen kisi ko, kahin bhi, kabhi bhi aa sakti hai

Translation: Death and shit … these two things can come to anyone, anywhere, anytime

9. Hindi Medium

Yeh headmaster, headmaster nahi hai ji, yeh businessman hai … aur aaj kal padhai, padhai nahi hai ji, yeh dhanda hai dhanda

Translation: This headmaster is not headmaster, he is a businessman … and these days education has turned into a business

There is also one more from the film that every desi man will absolutely love!

My life is Hindi but my wife is English

10. The Lunchbox

Life is very busy these days. There are too many people and everyone wants what the other has.

What’s your favorite dialogue from Irrfan Khan’s filmography? Let us know in the comments section!

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