Some love sensibly, others love the Imtiaz way

Love for Imtiaz Ali has always been about the journey and not how perfectly a boy and girl end up together. Hence, if I have to put his work in better words then Imtiaz showed how love is always wild, full of fun, provokes freedom in its elite form, encourage being the support of the other and develops the feelings towards bad ideas to a point that we all begin to fall for the right love at the wrong time. From that moment onwards, Imtiaz Ali again reminds you that there is no bad timing for the right love and life is just one chance. So it’s completely okay if we make the choice of going for the bad ideas to be happy in life.

Of course, just like everything else, the audience and critics have had different opinions regarding his work throughout the years. The conflict has been there majorly because of how his characters go through a period of self-realization, searching for the true wealth in life – when career stands in the way, and how love makes its way in so many casual expressions.

Now one may agree to disagree as people are always entitled to like a certain approach for things in their life, but I’m here to share my experience watching his films. Amongst all that critics have said about him for years, there is one thing right about his work and that is you have to be in love (either with your life or a girl) in order to feel what the master is talking about.

First up, watching him talk and making masterpieces in the form of love stories, I have realized one thing Imtiaz Ali learned life through his incomplete love and turned it into films to teach his generation what love is.

I know if you haven’t watched his films by now, you would most probably be either confused or eager to know how he made that possible – all of what I’m praising about. Therefore, I’m going to list down my favorite films and the lessons that changed my life and of many millennials for the better.

1. Tamasha

Ved and Tara meet accidentally on a holiday in Corsica and promise not to reveal their real identities till the end – just to make their stay more memorable. But have you ever realized that when love is bound to happen, you begin to take more risks? No, not financially. Well, maybe in some cases, but more emotional risks.

Tara falls in love with the supposedly fake identity of Ved, breaks her engagement only to realize that Ved, on the other hand, is going through a mid-life crisis. Quite millennial-ish right?

But that is where Tara shows how to love and the power of the right woman in any guy’s life. As Tara becomes the only person in Ved’s life to love him for who he is, she gathers the courage to make Ved meet his childhood again – the time when he wanted to be a storyteller and follow his desires without giving a damn about the societal pressures.

Against all the odds, Tara stands with Ved like a rock, risking it all. However, later it’s her trust that brings Ved back to him as soon as he finds a way to live the way he wants. This movie shows love is not only all about understanding or feeling the butterflies, instead true love is more about being a great friend, letting your ego go and bringing out the best version of your partner.

2. Rockstar

If there is one film that beautifully portrays how our desires cannot always be right for us then Rockstar is the one.

Jordan always wanted to be an artist. He is innocent and hence has no clue about how things work when it comes to chasing his dream. More like many of us, some random words (which we usually don’t understand the depth of) become his philosophy for life and he starts loving a girl way out of his league.

But little did he know that his approach towards life was leading him to the line which one of the characters in the film Khattana Bhai once said “one needs to go through excruciating pain to grow as an artist”. He begins to struggle with his incomplete love, which while does lead him to the journey of being a rockstar, but in the end, he asks himself “Is that what I really wanted?”

3. Highway

This film speaks about the bitter truth that sometimes the worst of strangers can offer you something so amazing that you may have been craving for life. Sometimes, most of us don’t want fancy bungalows or a lavish lifestyle that might be going so perfectly well. Instead, we all may only want to live more freely.

In this story, Veera gets abducted by a local Gangster just before her wedding day. Although the film sheds light on the Stockholm syndrome, but Veera’s journey does make one question that can we all live more freely and with the wrong person?

I know some of you might be thinking that I have presented his filmography as a jigsaw puzzle, but that is where the beauty lies in his work. Imtiaz Ali films are bound to speak to you on a soul-level be it Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal or the ones mentioned above.

It’s up to you what you decide to pick from them for your own love story. But if there is one more thing that I would like to add then

“Love isn’t about great sex, companionship or having a partner that fulfills your worldly desire. The beauty of love lies in complications and pain, which is the reason why not everyone can love.”

P.S There is a chance that Imtiaz Ali might not make a great film ever again. But the ones that he has made already stand as brilliant lessons on the topic of love.

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