“You are a palace of hidden gems and all the greatest treasures you could really find are already within you”. 

As the line above by A. Helwa rightly explains the greatness of women, all we have to do is dare to dream. We all need to know that nothing is impossible and that is exactly also what our favorite Muslim women preach with their extra-ordinary work that we are honoring on this International Muslim Women’s Day (27th March). 

Hence, below is a list of the most inspiring individuals who not only changed their own destiny with hard work, dedication, and most importantly, capability but also gave a new meaning to the Muslim identity! 

Sarah Al Amiri

It all started when Sarah first saw an image of the Andromeda Galaxy (the closest galaxy to our Milky Way) at the age of 12. However, little did she know that years later in 2020, she would lead her country UAE to Mars mission.

The Iranian-born Al Amiri goes by the title of “Her Excellency” as she now serves as the first Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and has also become the youngest leader of any space agency around the world by being a Chairperson of Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre. 

The best part of her efforts is women make up to 80% of the science team in Hope probe’s mission and together they are working to build a city on Mars within 100 years.

Rashida Tlaib

One of the first Muslim women to be elected at the US House of Representatives, this Palestinian-American congresswoman now represents the 13th congressional district of Michigan, advocating strongly for an ethically diverse immigrant population while calling out for justice for all. She is doing it all to bring about a much-needed change for the minorities who have been suffering for too long.

Hanaa Bin Abdesselem

The Tunisian supermodel not only went above and beyond as the first Arab model to feature on the Pirelli calendar but also broke the glass ceiling for other Muslim women stepping into the world of modeling. Her stunning work with big fashion houses such as Chanel and Lancôme proved that anyone could do the same with just a bit of effort and more importantly by being yourself!

Waad Al Kataeb

Meet the Syrian filmmaker, who received the Prix L’OEil d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival along with the accolade of Best Documentary at BAFTA in 2019. She made her debut at the Oscars to put forth to the world the strength and courage that it takes to stem from a war-stricken zone, reach the screens around the world with wonderful stories and then win hearts.

G. Willow Wilson

G Willow is the genius that not many people talk about after all, she is the one who gave birth to Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel – the first Muslim superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her idea became a voice for the Muslim American youth which is the reason why now her character is a part of the American Book Award-winning series and also a television show is being made on Kamala by Disney+.

Nadiya Hussain

This Bangladeshi-British chef first surprised everyone by being the first hijabi to appear on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off and then by winning as well! This eventually made way for her to become the greatest Muslim chefs on the UK’s national television, a writer, and a creative influencer across the globe. 

Stephanie Kurlow

She wanted to dance since the age of two but was rejected several times from the ballet class for wearing the hijab during her 18 years-long journey. However, nothing could stop her to become the world’s first professional hijabi ballerina. She joined The Wiggles’ new TV show and also did campaigns with Converse and Lenovo with an aim to introduce arts into wider commercial platforms and give hope to girls to dream different without worrying about their faith.

Mthayel Al Ali

A social media sensation, this Emirati entrepreneur is the founder of the Dubai-based creative marketing agency, Tkhayyal. Working with international brands such as Nike and Google, this Instagram influencer aims to provide a platform to other Emirati women to break their barriers and step into the professional world.

Dina Torkia

Being one of the trendsetters for the modern-modest style movement, Dina steps into the world of social media every day to put forth an innovative touch to fashion with her self-guided tutorials, and that too while working with top brands such as Tom Ford. The blogger also currently has her own clothing line and grants an identity to many people like her who want to adjust in with their dual identities in a comfortable way.

We are now waiting for your story!

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Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

Is a budding Psychologist for whom writing has always been a way of expressing herself, allowing her to rekindle in people the quality of questioning all that happens around them; aiming to let her thoughts spill out in the open so the world can read about what really matters. What really makes a difference. What really is worth it.

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