We are now living in an era where Saudi Arabia has finally decided to build bridges between the walls that man has put up in the name of religious differences. But was the recent decision of making Christmas a top show in the country really worth it? 

With Christmas trees and decorations adorning the walls of a shop in Riyadh, the continuation of incorporating various celebratory occasions of different cultures and religions around Saudia Arabia stayed put. 

There is no doubt in the fact that the present year has been a difficult one in financial, physical, as well as emotional terms. And pretty much like other parts of the world, the emerging situation of COVID-19 had resulted in many Christian expats being stuck inside the Kingdom for a long while. 

So, with all the restrictions in place, this step to aid a certain minority in their celebrations was definitely a much-needed thing. After all, no one deserved to miss out on an occasion that is filled with happiness just because they couldn’t be back home with their family. 

While sharing the experiences, Sarah Palmer, who works for John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in Dhahran, told Arab News: “I’m Australian, so a sunny Saudi Christmas Day is perfect for me. We have friends here who’ve become as close as family, so on Christmas Day we’ll have an outdoor lunch by the pool while enjoying the perfect weather.”

In Saudi Arabia, this year the Christmas celebrations majorly revolved around Christian expats having a small feast, singing cheerfully for the night, dancing to traditional music, and exchanging beautiful gifts. However, all of this was done while keeping the given SOPs in mind.  

Reading the headline can make one angry about how a holy place like Saudi Arabia can allow open Christmas celebrations but the truth is the country went just according to the true teachings of Islam. It took care of its minority in difficult times and showed the world that there is room for religious tolerance in an Islamic society. 

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Rabbiya Abid
Rabbiya Abid

Is a budding Psychologist for whom writing has always been a way of expressing herself, allowing her to rekindle in people the quality of questioning all that happens around them; aiming to let her thoughts spill out in the open so the world can read about what really matters. What really makes a difference. What really is worth it.

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