Right after resuming the international flights, Saudi’s custom officials have now planned to take help from dogs to catch the air travelers who might be carrying the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to the country. 

According to the new plan, that has already been imposed, the sniffer dogs are trained to identify the smell of an infected traveler and as a result, visitors will now get to see the “new virus detectors” all around them on every airport throughout The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Nevertheless, it’s not going to be a cute sight for dog lovers nor these dogs are going to be kind. The customs authority has Jack Russell terriers in hand and other mixed breeds who are being trained by the officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on disease-specific odors. 

Furthermore, as per the updates coming from the director of the National Center for Living Means at Saudi Customs – Mohammed Al-Salloum the training is almost 80% complete and the team is doing the final preparations in order to put the dogs to work. 

Saudi Custom Disease Control Preventions

Saudi Custom

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 cases recorded by the Saudi Ministry of Health (right after this update) stands at 281,435 out of which 243,688 have already recovered and the death toll has risen to 2,984. These are the results from 3,528,040 tests that the Saudi government has conducted. 

Indeed dogs come to help every single time when humans need them!

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