The explosion in Beirut not only shocked the Lebanese people but also the whole world. In the past few hours, almost everyone has been glued to the screens, praying for the dead and wounded, and many went one step further by donating millions of dollars within this little time to help the nation get back on its feet. 

If we go by the stats then Beirut explosion stands as the third-worst right after the cruelty that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, as the world has always known the Lebanese people as the most optimistic and courageous, the nation has yet again proved why their determination will always remain unbeatable and this time they deserve a salute as well. 

We are bringing you live updates of how the residents of Beirut, who luckily remained safe from the Beirut Explosion, came out of their homes and gave their best to help the ones in need.

Looking at these pictures, one is also bound to wonder how the future of Lebanon would have been if the government was ever loyal to its people. We have never seen a nation that has so much potential despite going through all sorts of crisis, all together.

People spent all day and night to immediately clean the streets.

Picture’s after Beirut Explosion

Beirut Explosion

Lebanese moms had set up tables with food to make sure that the survivors and the helpers were being well fed.

This guy took full responsibility of fixing a blind person’s house.

Baby born moments before the beirut explosion…

First hand responders

This was indeed a miracle

There was no electricity in Beirut on the night of the blast yet doctors and nurses managed to save lives with a cell phone flash and brave hearts!

Nurse saved the new born babies

People standing in line to donate blood in Tripoli

Nevertheless, with all the hope shown in these pictures, a little has been done and a lot more is left. Today Lebanon needs you more than ever and if you are looking for an easy way to help them then you can either donate any amount you like to the Lebanese Red Cross funds or join this crowdfunding campaign going on Just Giving that is also about to reach its goal of raising £5,000,000 for disaster relief.

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