While there is no doubt in the fact that mangoes and Lamborghinis are considered to be one of the most beloved things on planet Earth, a Pakistani businessman in Dubai is offering both as a part of a unique package that will surely make you go crazy! 

Jhanzeb Yaseen, managing director at Pakistan Super Market Dubai has launched a special delivery service with the title “Mangoes in Lamborghini” which is based on the home-delivery of a Pakistani mango box in the DH 1.2 million supercar. 

Before this might sound a bit too unbelievable, the delivery boy also offers a short joyride on Lamborghini once mangoes of worth DH 100 or more are delivered. 

When asked about the motive behind this genius marketing tactic, the executives stated that they want to spread love among the UAE residents on another level. 

“There is no commercial aim behind the campaign. I want to spread the message of happiness and love and the response is overwhelming,” – Yaseen

The sales of Pakistani mangoes have gone up by 100% and more customers are now keen on receiving their purchase with “Mangoes in Lamborghini” option – even if they are bound to bear a waiting time of one week. The normal van delivery service has become obsolete all of a sudden.

Pakistani store’s Lamborghini Mango Delivery Service Going Viral

What surprised Yaseen more is not only a massive hike in demand of Pakistani mangoes among the fellow countrymen living in Dubai or Indians, in fact, he has been more happy to see people from the West living in the UAE ordering up for boxes of ‘langra’, ‘Sindhiri’, ‘Anwar Rattole’ and ‘Chaunsa’ etc. The campaign is now also a hot favorite of Filipinos as well who love Chaunsa. 

For now, Yaseen is delivering 12 orders thrice a week on Lamborghini but considering the demand, especially after how Lambo mango delivery videos in Dubai went viral on social media, they are now planning to extend the delivery service to five days a week and make more buyers happy. 

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t had the chance to enjoy Pakistani mangoes, the country offers 250 varieties of mangoes and also stands as the fifth largest producer of the fruit in the world right after India, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Mangoes in Lamborghini

Mangoes in Lamborghini

The owner of Pakistan Super Market got the idea of “Mangoes in Lamborghini” after seeing how airlines used the passenger seats for sending perishable goods across the border instead of using cargo haul when flights got suspended during the coronavirus outbreak. He then thought of using his supercar for a purpose that no one may even have imagined before. 

Yaseen has also said that this service is also not for a limited time and will exist for as long as everyone living in Dubai has received a free Lambo ride. 

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