Are you thinking what I am thinking? Well, before your imagination goes wild and you start to think about raising your voice to do the same in your country or at least enjoying a joint in the celebration of seeing one Muslim state being that progressive, the Lebanese parliament has legalized the cultivation of Cannabis only for medicinal and industrial use.

Although the statements may sound very ironic by the senior MP in the Free Patriotic Movement who heads the operation’s implementation, according to him this decision still has only been made to boost up the economy – that is currently bearing financial crisis and to stop the illegal production of drugs as well in the country.

The campaign of legalizing cannabis was in progress since 2018 as Lebanon stands as the third-largest supplier of it, right after Morocco and Afghanistan. The country already farms it illegally in Bekaa valley and if estimates are to be true then now with the right move, the industry has a worth of US $1 billion (AED/SAR3.67 billion) a year.

Stepping above the recreational use of cannabis, industries like textile to pharmaceuticals can take great advantage of the plant.

In textile, the cannabis Sativa plant gets processed into a most durable and strong fabric. Whereas, in the world of medicine, preliminary evidence suggests that cannabis can play an important role in treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea – especially when it occurs through chemotherapy – and many forms of epilepsy.

Cannabis can also be utilized for commercial and industrial purposes that include making paper from a rope, insulation to biofuel, or even for some items of processed food.

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