In times where the world seems to be at a standstill, Dubai’s City Walk brings forth a month-long event filled with extraordinary creativity and inspiration; transforming itself into a jaw-dropping canvas with magnificently painted 2D and 3D art pieces from not only some of the most renowned international artists of the world but also local creators who with their amazing talents will surely make everyone stare in awe. 

Dubai 3D Art Festival

Being showcased from 31st of July to the 31st of August 2020 at City Walk in Dubai, this indoor art exhibition, that stems from a collaboration between Dubai Canvas and Brand Dubai, puts forth a theme that not only seems inventive, but also sits quite suitably with the halt that every day life is facing due to the ongoing pandemic: “Travelling Through Art”.

While it may not have be possible for people to put their travel plans in action this summer, viewers of the Dubai 3D Art Festival & Dubai Canvas Art Exhibition can surely live through a similar experience while enjoying just as much.

The exhibition features numerous contemporary 3D murals, street art, live pendulum paintings by renowned Serbian artist Milan Katanic along with interactive and amusing calligraphy shows waiting at City Walk.

Moreover, the Dubai 3D Art Festival includes one of the greatest present-day International artist, Juandrés Vera, a multi-award winner who is known widely for his intricately designed pieces that combine realism together with creativity, along with numerous local creators such as Mahra Al Falahi and Ahmed Almahri; lighting up the Dubai 3D Art Festival event with their aesthetically pleasing creations that not only show skill and talent, but also give viewers a chance to interact with their pieces in a fun and creative way.

Mahra enjoying the flight on one of the paper planes that she made.
Ahmed putting all his effort to make his 3D calligraphy successful.

In this open-to-public Dubai 3D Art Festival, visitors can also enjoy immersive music shows along with theatrical performances and live art demonstrations on weekends with the mural display being open throughout the span of the exhibition. In short, surely an exhibition that no one would want to miss.

In light of this artistically inspiring Dubai 3D Art Festival event, Shaima Al Suwaidi, Manager of City Branding, Brand Dubai, stated “At a time when the process of restoring normality in all sectors and spheres of life gathers pace, Dubai Canvas seeks to introduce the community to new creative perspectives through a wonderfully interactive experience.” She discussed how events like these not only create a sense of ease in times like today, but they also provide creatives with an acknowledged platform to showcase their abilities and imagination while displaying the great Emirati culture to the world too.

So, what better way to experience all this without having to spend loads of money on airplane tickets and hotel reservations? Not to mention, I am sure traveling through art is much safer than travelling through any other means these days.

As the magic will continue for months, here are more of our favorite works and insta shots!

Dubai 3D Art Festival shots!

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Muslims Having Fun

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