About Us

Muslims… what really comes to your mind when you hear the word? Terrorism, Islamophobia or extremism, right? But we are here to burst up that bubble for you! It’s the 21st Century and you need to stop believing what your television screens show or the world politics manipulate you into.

Founded in October 2019, Muslims Having Fun is a team of dedicated individuals that aims to cater to all the misconceptions that have been built around the identity of Muslims. We are here to show you that Muslims are as cool, fun-loving and intelligent as you wish them to be!

We will continue to offer scoops of information that you will absolutely love from the Muslim world and of course show you a positive side that mostly remains hidden from you. Last but not the least, we are here to spread love and peace, Habibi!

P.S Now read what we have written for you and don’t keep drooling over how hot and cute Muslims are…


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